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1984 Sketch by taylorweaved

It's been a while really since I've read 1984, once with my own consent, the other being forced on me for English class. Honestly, this is an image I never would have been able to picture in 1984. When I read 1984, I had trouble trying to formulate some sort of depictions in my head because of the way Orwell wrote it, which seemed to emphasize more on the words, symbolism, undertones, and language rather than vivid imagery. What I love about this is that *finally* I've been provided the imagery I never provided myself when I read the book. There is a clear and practically perfect image of Big Brother, who is giving off this dead, discontent, and mysterious look. It provides a unique concept because I would have originally imagined Winston much older, and O'Brien much more lean. Honestly in comparison to my own idea, this one is far more realistic. The shading is absolutely beautiful, and is the most striking feature of the entire composition. I have very little "negative" to say, but because I am submitting a critique, I feel I have to muster some sort of mild "dissatisfaction." Winston doesn't seem to possess any fear of O'Brien, and it is almost as if they are talking casually, which would be contradictory in 1984. Winston's anatomy is a little strange because his chest seems to stick out disproportionately with his body (either that or his stomach is sucked in [but I am not the queen of human proportions so feel free to refute]). Other than those random... "quirks" ( I can't think of a better word), it is a magnificently done piece and settles well with the story. I'm sorry if I am not in-depth enough I'm still in high school and not the brightest :P.
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