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Requests: I may or may not draw it, but feel free to shoot one at me.

Art Trades: Yes, but only when I announce them.

Commissions: No.

Kiribans: At 65,000 pageviews. You must have a screenshot of the whole page.

Suggestions: Depends. I am open to constructive criticism but don't try and label a blatant request as a "suggestion."

"Have you ever heard of "X" because you should get into it and do art for it" - This is literally my biggest pet peeve. If you ask me this I will actively avoid drawing fanart for that series.

NSFW: I really suck at it, so not really (but non-penetrative fetishes and gore are exceptions).

"How long will this picture take you" - Depends on both my mood and my schedule. I may literally get to it after months. Nag me when I'm on break.

There are tumblr links on some of my pictures. I really don't want my art reposted. If you don't see a tumblr link in the description, please ask me first, but given it isn't on my tumblr I probably wouldn't want it there in the first place.

I REFUSE to draw:
>hate art
>sexual assault
>foot fetishes/foot worship
>crush art
>bloat/inflation art
>pregnant bellies (sorry they make me feel uncomfortable)
>adult babies/diaper fetishes/infantalism
>fart fetishes
>lactation fetishes
>a few other things I can't explain well. Just ask first.

P.S. I delete journals a lot and I apologize for dropping a conversation so if you want me to keep a conversation going either message me, comment on my page, or comment on a picture as a last resort if you're thirsty enough. holla.


Random life updates :iconlazeplz:

+ So for one, I'm now a university sophomore who's finally found a focus in their field. I'm hoping I could double-major in women's studies but I'm also very poor so that might not be a thing. I'm expected to graduate next year so yeah I MIGHT be done with my undergrad year by 21 yay I guess but I need to start interning and shit

+ My grades aren't the worst amazingly but here I am finishing papers by 5am and getting excited over Cs on exams

+ Housemate situation kinda sucks rn but hey I got somewhere to go with someone I trust enough next year

+ Mental stuff coming up but that's not something I'ma talk about here lol

+ Our puppy is now over a year old. I love her. She pissed in our room yesterday and I still love her

+ Tumblr's been treating me better. If you added like.. my following on my... three accounts it'd be about...well shit I don't know some people follow me on all my accounts whoops but if I added the numbers together it'd be about 510??? But 30+ notes is considered good for me man idgaf rn. I will have an art blog soon but like.. when things lighten up and I improve some more

+ I actually managed to find a small clique in the EB fandom. God bless. There are 5 of them and they are great

+ And speaking of EB holy shit I really love Teddy like??? I really love him.... like how could I be obsessed with a character for 3+ years amazes me too. I am probably more obsessed since I'm being associated with him and some friends are kinda encouraging it like got damn

+ I've been experimenting with lineart and found something I like...kinda...BUT like... I've been so afraid of soft shading now. So I literally do nothing but flats. I'm not happy with that but I'm happy with style changes at least. Right now I'm not feeling the best about my art sooooo yeah w/e atm. Ask blogs fuck you up man. It sucks more when you got school piling on you so it's like... "Shit I need a quick technique." AND LIKE.. tfw no tablet i just want cleaner and smoother lineart

+ I'm always on tumblr man..... I need to like.. clean up my dA... go through watch lists... start focusing on shading/BGs/etc... holy shit. Why do I have 1150 watchers I am like super lame

+ But okay lemme talk about music.... I've gone through many, many albums but I gotta say my favorites were Midnight Marauders (ATCQ), II (Crystal Castles), Q: Are We Not Men? A:We Are Devo (DEVO), Cross (Justice), Everything is Changing Color (Lone), and Greener Postures (Snakefinger)

+ Hey Rabbit... fuck you... popee the performer was A++ watched that shit twice

+ ALSO UMM TURNING 20 IN LIKE 12 DAYS WOW :iconlazydieplz:
popee the performanerr got me fucked up man


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hi i'm melissa and if you stop in front of me in a hallway i will knock you straight into the shadow realm

Evil half-sister :iconwaxseashells:

Dumb husband :iconrabid-red-rabbit:

Senpai :iconpulchra-mortuus:

Kohai :iconrockandrollgirl13:

Turbo Waifus: :iconsteponmebff::iconturbotime-syd::iconinsanitymuncher:

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My Gease: :iconmargaretvevo:

Big fucking nerds: :icongalenalarkin::iconvidimus78::iconultralithematic:

Person who's basement I live in :iconcrazyweirdo-moonfall:

Brat from the UK :iconhusyada:

Cutie Cosplayers :iconsuncosplayshine::iconana-jitterbug:

The creepy side of the EB fandom (love you guys get it boos) :iconsadisticmedic::icongiygas-nipples:

more motherfuckers to be added soon

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